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Millennials are one of the most stressed and unhappy generations on Earth. And can you blame us? Most of us were just coming of age when the recession hit. We watched our parents lose their jobs; watched our college funds pay the mortgage and hospital bills; and learned a thing or two about debt, ourselves.

But when has dwelling on the negative ever gotten anyone, anywhere worth being? So at College Mate we aim to help millennials turn their trials into triumphs by providing the tools they need to adult.

And… we have a pretty awesome blog written by college hopefuls, students, and graduates – just like you!

About Us


College Mate is the ultimate survival guide for students. 

Whether you need help with school, budgeting, relationships, landing your first job, or would love to travel and see more of the world – we got you covered!

In time, you’ll find that school has way more to offer than just a piece of paper at the end. It’s just another amazing/terrible/rewarding/frustrating aspect of the millennial journey.

We’ll help you pull through.

Contact Us

For more information about what we do, and how we do it, reach out via the contact form below. And if you ever want us to stop contacting you, the safe word is Hakuna-matata



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  1. Hey College Mate! Recently my notifications lit up saying you’re a new follower of my blog. I’m super happy to welcome you to the family and I’m glad to say I’m a part of your blog family too! Your content and work is admirable. Thanks for the love and support and I hope you have a great upcoming March!

    xx, Shreya

    Liked by 1 person

    1. College Mate says:

      Hi Shreya — thanks for dropping by to say hello. We look forward to seeing you in our feed!

      Liked by 1 person

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