5 Awesome Ways to Celebrate After Finals

It’s important to celebrate all the small stepping stones that take you one step closer to your degree.

Halloween as a Twenty-Something

Not Another Millennial Blog I struggled with this article when it was first assigned. Writing about Halloween as an “adult” just didn’t feel right. When I think of an “adult” Halloween, I think of parents taking their kids trick-or-treating, or a grandmother handing out caramel flavored hard candy while watching Jeopardy. I’m 26 years old,…

20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year

Originally posted on hello tumbaga:
1. Take advantage of the free food around campus. There have been many of times where I would go to an event on campus and they would offer free food. This would be great, especially when I start to run out of money on my meal plan. 2. If you haven’t…

The Ultimate Guide to Packing for College

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Ah, packing for your first year of college. I remember it like it was exactly one year ago. You’re off to live on your own for the first time, so obviously you need to be prepared for EVERYTHING, right? Maybe, but it is definitely easy to overpack. So, using my…