Homeless in College

“If I stay in this house for another semester, the next time you see me it will be through prison bars…”

The Roommate I Never Thought I’d ever Have.

Originally posted on Cassy Williams:
04 May 2016 I came a week early to the dorm life, dreading to meet what would follow and fill the other half of my room in a few days. The other half of my room that would keep me up when I wanted to go to bed at night.…

Carnival Ecstasy | Freeport & Nassau

Originally posted on Hannah Miller Fitness Blog:
Below are some captured moments from my recent 5 day cruise on Carnival Ecstasy, which visited Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas. It was a fantastic time! Filled with lots of sun, gorgeous sites, Pina Coladas and Bahama Mama’s, and unforgettable memories. Carnival Ecstasy Freeport Conch Ceviche Nassau Queen’s…