This 15-Year-Old Will Inspire You

Not all college-level learning takes place in a classroom.


A Letter to my College Self

Originally posted on Nocturnal Mom Talks:
Dear College Self, Hello to the thin girl with messy hair who fights her way through college life while being a mother at the same time. The journey will not be smooth. You will stumble and fall and make bad decisions, but you have to get up and redeem…

Coming Out as Atheist

I told myself that even when I’m married, it would be too big a secret to share with my husband.

Jesus Forgave my Attacker – But I have Not

I never saw my attacker again and I hope I never do. I’m terrified that I might strangle him, or start screaming, “You rapist!” in the streets.

But even more terrifying is the fear that he might turn around and say, “It was your fault for wearing a tank top. You were asking for it. You should have said no sooner.”

And I’ll start crying on the sidewalk and sink back into the depths of depression, from which I had come…

Homeless in College

“If I stay in this house for another semester, the next time you see me it will be through prison bars…”

The Roommate I Never Thought I’d ever Have.

Originally posted on Cassy Williams:
04 May 2016 I came a week early to the dorm life, dreading to meet what would follow and fill the other half of my room in a few days. The other half of my room that would keep me up when I wanted to go to bed at night.…