How to Prepare for a Snowpocalypse

Originally posted on Alexis Chateau:
The weather reports are in and the snow is coming down. The Starks were right: Winter is coming…?and?Atlanta is about to suffer the consequences southern style. Ask anyone about the havoc snow wreaks in the south, and you’ll hear some of the most horrifically amusing stories: from befriending truckers to…

Prepping for Exams: How to Manage Stress

Most students experience high levels of stress during examination periods. This is a natural response to the testing process, especially for college students who have thousands of dollars of investments riding on whether they pass or fail. If you have a scholarship or grant to consider, then you may also be worried about keeping your…

5 Best Places to Study

One of the go-to study spots for most college students is their bedroom. But this is actually one of the worst habits you can develop.

How to Make a Study Plan (Tutorial)

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Yet, many of us run into the most difficult season of our college careers with no plan at all.