10 Recipes Every College Student Should Know

The Enthusiast

This week I went back to babysitting the kids I used to watch when I’m in high school. I feel like the older sister who came back from college and is now here to impart wisdom upon my younger brother and sister.

In reality, they think I’m their best friend and like to try the cool things I tell them, as I am a decade older than them and seem very hip with my cropped skinny jeans and penchant for chai lattes.

While making them lunch they asked what I ate in college and it made me realize how much I blossomed in making easy, cheap meals the last three years. It’s truly an art as a broke girl who loves fine cooking.

I thought today I’d impart on those heading back to school this month the recipes that got me a fantastic GPA – and through very boring lecture…

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  1. piratepatty says:

    I’m sending these to my son at college! Smart lady!

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