Why you Should Vacation in Groups

As cultures around the world adopt more individualistic values, even travel has become a solo activity. For the seasoned traveler with a steady income or great buildup of savings, this might make perfect sense.

But for most college students, and others with a limited income, traveling in groups provides a wealth of benefits that they couldn’t take advantage of by traveling on their own.

So here are just a few of the many perks from traveling with your partner, your family, or some of your best friends.

Cheaper Accommodations

The most expensive part of your trips is hardly ever the plane ticket or the drive there. Unless you’re staying with family and friends, the cost of accommodation is likely what most of your money will go towards – if you travel alone.

By traveling in groups, you can split the cost of accommodation, which usually works out to much cheaper than paying for separate rooms. Very large groups also benefit from booking in bulk, which lowers the price significantly.

Cheaper Gas

Traveling in groups hardly ever helps the cost of a flight, but it definitely cuts down on gas if the group carpools. By road-tripping in a group, each person can save on the cost of gas, and the cost of renting a car for the trip.

And as the cost of gas continues to rise again in the United States, this benefit is one many people can appreciate.

Safety in Numbers

There is safety in numbers, especially when traveling to areas with high crime rates. Areas with high crime might include developing countries and big cities. However, even in rural areas, many people make a career out of preying on the ignorance of tourists.

While the chances of falling victims to scams and violence on vacation are low, it is not an impossibility. This is especially true for women, who are often easy targets of violence. Thus, the bigger the group, the greater the protection it affords.

Travelers often feel this safety in the group, thus pushing them to do more, see more, and experience more; rather than spend their time locked away in their hotel room. This can help to make the vacation an altogether more fulfilling experience.

Re-Evaluating Relationships

Traveling as a group – whether there’s two of you or ten – creates the perfect opportunity to bond. This is true whether people are building friendships, or working on intimate relationships.

It is also a great time to learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. How people react to challenges they may face while traveling – long boring flights, sleepless hours on the road, or losing a wallet – can teach you a lot about each other.

Thus, traveling together can bring the right people closer together, and tear the wrong mix of people away from each other.

Traveling in groups can make your experience much more memorable than if you had traveled alone. There are always people to share rich moments with, and people who are likely to have your back if things go awry.

For tips on what makes a road-trip buddy the perfect companion, check out 5 Roles of a Good Passenger on a Great Roadtrip.


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